The Table Filter Content Type filters a table as the user types in to the Search Bar.  (Please see the example at the bottom of this page)

  • The Table Filter can only be used on one table in a section
  • If you have multiple tables on your page, the Table Filter will only filter the table that has the Class (in Table Properties) named ‘filterable’ (see point 6 below).
  1. Using the Content Type 'Content (no Title)' or 'Content Rich Text',
  2. You should only have your table in this content. Do not add any additional content i.e text etc.  If you want to have additional text on your page, use a separate Content (no Title) Content Type.
  3. Create your table using the WYSIWYG editor
  4. Click on the Table tab and choose the type of table you want to use and the number of rows and columns
    Table tab - Insert table options
  5. Click on the Table tab and choose Table properties, you can change the look of your table by changing the Width, Height, Cell Spacing, Cell padding, Border with and Alignment as you want.  You don't need to make any change but we would recommend you insert 100% in the Width field to ensure your table fills the available space on your page. 
    Table tab - Table Properties with Width field and Save button highlighted
  6. Click on the Advanced tab and insert the word filterable into the CSS field and click Save.
    Table Filter - table properties with the CSS Class field highlighted and populated
  7. Add the content type 'Table Filter' to your section:
  8. Populate the Name field (labelled '1', below). 
  9. There are 3 optional fields to populate, if needed
  • Headline:  If you wish your table to have a heading add the text here (2)
  • Filter Tip: This text will be the prompt for the user, i.e. Search for your course… (3)
  • Error Message:  If you want a bespoke error message type it here, the default message is No Matches Found. (4)‌

Table Filter - Content tab fields highlighted

  1. Click and hold the Order icon for the Filter Table Content type to drag it above your Table Content.‌
    Content tab - Order column with arrow option highlighted
  2. To put your content on Pending Click 'Save changes'.
    Save Changes button
  3. To approve your content, click on the small arrow beside Save changes and choose 'Save and approve'.
    Save Changes dropdown with Save and Approve highlighted

Note:  Only 1 table per page can be made filterable.

Dog Breeds

Breed   ColourSize
Corgi    Brown Medium
Scottish Terrier Black or White Small      
Springer Spaniel    Brown and White Medium
Labrador Brown and White and Black Large
St Bernard    Brown and White or Black and White Very Large
Leonberger    Brown Very Large
German Shepherd    Brown and Black Large