Creating Links with Icons

You can add any number of links, using a specific set of pre-made icons, to any page.  These are used to good effect on College and School homepages and they can be a visually appealing alternative to textual links or image-based links (e.g. landing page boxes) ... if the available icons match the links you're adding.

See the following examples.  The first 2 link to NUI Galway sites but the last goes to an external link so I have set it to open in a new tab:

To add Icon Links to your page 

  1. Add an 'Icon Link Placeholder' content type to your page.
  2. Add as many 'Icon Link' content types as you need to the same section.   Choose the Icon and specify the link target and also whether the link will open in a new or the same tab.
  3. Reorder your content types by clicking on the relevant arrow in the Order column and drag it to where you want it to be on your published page.  Wherever the 'Icon Link Placeholder' Content Type (CT) is located within your content type list is where the icons will appear on your page.
  4. The Icon Links will publish on the page in the order they are in your content type list.
  5. Icon Links only appear on your page if the placeholder has been added.

play icon circular tealTuition Video

Icon Choices

Here are the different icons you can choose from: