Adding multiple videos to a page

There are a number of options available to you if you want to add multiple YouTube videos to a page, with content types that will display 3, up to 5, and up to 7 videos.  There's also a way to show any number of videos on a single page, (if you're willing to edit some code).  See below for full details:

Adding 3 videos

Use the 'interactive video gallery' content type.  This content type needs exactly 3 videos to be added to it.
Note: Specify the videos unique code in the YouTube ID field (e.g. 7OoU3Go2Ed8) - do not enter its full web address.

(Note: To get the youtube ID, browse to the video in youtube – you’ll see the id in the address bar.  E.g. if it says, then the id is the last bit: QRaACa1Mrd4. Similarly, if the web address format is, you can still easily pick out what the code is.)


Adding Up To 5 Videos

  1.  Add a 'YouTube Videos (multiple)' Content Type to your page and give it a name.
    This controls where the video block will appear.
    Note:  Skip this step if the section contains a 'Course Template 1' or 'Course Template 2' content type.
  2.  Create a sub-section called 'Video'
  3. In the 'Video' subsection, add a 'Course Video' content type.
    Give it a name.
    Fill in everything from 'Title 1' to 'Caption 1'.
    If there is a 2nd YouTube video to add, fill in everything from  'Title 2' to 'Caption 2'.
    Repeat for up to 5 YouTube videos.


Adding exactly 7 Videos (and/or images)

Another way to add multiple videos is to use the 'Standard Media Gallery'.  This CT allows you to add 7 videos / images, which open in a lightbox.

Adding any number of videos

There's a custom piece of code in a 'NUIG Code Only' content type, called 'Shared Video Viewer' in NUI Galway » training » Training Examples » Multiple YouTube Videos
This can be copied to another page and easily modified to link to as many videos as you want.  You'll just need to specify the colour of each link, the YouTubeID, and the clickable text for each link you want to add.  Below is an example:


Postgraduate Research Orientation Videos

College Orientation Videos: