Flickr's embed code is not mobile friendly.  The best way to link to a flickr album is to make a clickable image and make it link to the flickr share URL.
This approach can be used to link to any external resource you wish to promote to your visitors.

Note: Any images you uploaded need to be web-ready: How to make a web-ready image.

One way to create a clickable image is to include a 'Homepage hero image' content type directly in your page (but this has the disadvantage of opening the new page in the same browser tab):

Link to Flickr


An arguably better way would be to use a 'Promo Box (Large)'.  This content type requires a web-ready 3:2 ratio image (310 x 220).

This has the advantage of allowing you to open the flickr album in a new window (by adding "target="_blank to the end of the link address.  Note: you need to add both inverted commas):

Flickr Album

Flickr Album

Photos: Alan Ryder

Click here to see images, stored on Flickr

Go to Album

There are many other content types you could use, which would link to your flickr album.
For example, you could use an Icon link (the 'Person on front of 3 mountains' icon would be a good choice here).
or a Widescreen Landing Page Hero Carousel,
or a content block - with or without an image.
(Note: Icon links have the option to open in a new tab and the " _target="_blank hack can be used on these other suggested content types)

And, of course, you can always add a textual link to the album, or add a foreground image to your content, select it, and turn it into a link to Flickr
When creating text / image links to a non-NUI Galway site, remember to change the target to _blank so that the new site will open in a new tab.