This rarely used content type was created by our designers in 2015, when certain types of pages were expected to contain certain content types.  Since then,  things have moved on - now, most content types work in all pages.  As a result, it's got  a confusing name.

This content type works exactly like a Content (No Title).  And it doesn't center text itself - the Widescreen page customisation is what does that.  When it was created, this CT was expected to be used on top-level ultra-wide pages only.

See how this content type looks in different page types:
With Rightbar, Without Rightbar, Widescreen, and Ultra-Wide (sub-site) / Ultra-Wide (top-level) pages
or else
Normal, Widescreen, and Ultra-Wide (Sub-Site) / Ultra-Wide (Top-Level) Landing pages

Note: You change a page's width (and other options) using its section's DC.Keywords field - see my interactive demonstration for full information.