Creating sidebars

To create a sidebar:

  1. Most page layouts will support sidebars 
  2. Create a sub-section called 'Sidebar'
    (Any sub-sections at the same level as this one will display the sidebar, unless they are configured not to)
  3. Click on Save Changes
  4. Add content to the new Sidebar section
    Choose from these content types (examples in the sidebar of this page):
    • Content (Rich Text)
    • Content (no title)
    • Sidebar Content box
    • Video lightbox: YouTube sidebar
    • 3D Content Panel


You can turn a sidebar content box into a Call To Action (CTA) by specifying a section in site manager to link to.

When using Content (Rich Text) or (Content (no title) you can seperate unrelated pieces of text with a horizontal rule - go to the place in your text where you want the line to appear, click on the Insert tab and choose Horizontal line from the dropdown menu.


The parent section of the 'Sidebar' sub-section will display the sidebar. 
Also, any section that is on the same level as the 'Sidebar' sub-section will also show that sidebar.
So, for example, if you add a sidebar to your home page, it will also appear on all your other pages (because they are also sub-sections of your home page, which puts them at the same level, on the site hierarchy, as your 'Sidebar' section).

Sidebar Manipulations:

  • To move your sidebar to the left (under your left side menu, click on the More tab and choose Metadata, insert fullWidth into the DC:keyword field
  • If you wish to suppress the sidebar appearing on a page, insert fullWidth noSidebar into the DC:Keyword field in Metadata

Sidebar Content Box

This is an example sidebar content box

It's a good idea to include 2 paragraphs to make sure T4 adds paragraph tags to the markup.  This will turn the text inside the content box white.

Different Colours

 You can select the colour of your Sidebar content boxes.  Your options are:

You can try it out in here - simply click any of the above colours to see what they look like. 

Call to Action

You can turn a sidebar content box into a call to action by specifying a section in site manager to link to.

This one links to itself, so it's ok to click it!

Learn More

3D content panels

small image You can use full-width 3D content panels in a sidebar, if you prefer.  Select full-width to ensure it takes up all the available space, set aside for the sidebar.

Content (rich text)' or 'Content no title' content types (like this) can be added to sidebars.

You can separate unrelated pieces of text with a horizontal rule - it looks quite good in a sidebar!