See how this content type looks in different page types:
With Rightbar, Without Rightbar, Widescreen, and Ultra-Wide (sub-site) / Ultra-Wide (top-level) pages
or else
Normal, Widescreen, and Ultra-Wide (Sub-Site) / Ultra-Wide (Top-Level) Landing pages

Note: You change a page's width (and other options) using its section's DC.Keywords field - see my interactive demonstration for full information.

You can use this content type on widescreen or normal home pages.


  1. Create a sub-section to your page and call it 'Homepage Hero Images' (making sure it does NOT show in navigation)
  2. Add as many 'Homepage Hero Image' content types as you like into this new section
    Note: the images this content type expects should be web ready and 1600x680px (max), see
    How to resize your image and make it web ready.
  3. Edit your homepage and a 'Homepage Hero Images Auto Carousel' content type.
    When you are finished click on 'Save Changes' it.
  4. Go back into your section and in the Content tab, click on the arrows under the Order column to drag your new content type to the top of the page and then click on 'Save Changes'