FAQ Intro

FAQs are all closed when the page is first loaded.  When you click on one, it remains visible until another is clicked (you cannot close it - but you can hide the answer).

Setup instructions

To add FAQs to a page, add a single Show/Hide Holder to that page.
Then add as many Show/Hide Items as you like - each one needs a name, Question text, and Answer text.  The answer can be as long as you like and can contain images, tables, etc.
Each Show/Hide item must also be given a unique anchor id (so that the website will know which answer to show when the user clicks on a question).  You have to scroll to the end of the page to enter the Anchor information.

Collapsible Answers

Answers are normally not visible until you click on a question (unless you link directly to a question - see below).
But all answers are automatically ended with a 'Hide Answer' button.  This is helpful when there you have long answers (especially for mobile users).
It's not so necessary with short answers, as in the below example.

If you want to prevent an FAQ from giving users the option to collapse answers, do the following:
After you have created your FAQs, add an NUIG Code Only content type to the same section.
Name it 'Suppress Hide Answer buttons' and paste in the following code:


Linking to FAQs

Tip:  You can link directly to an FAQ by adding your anchor-id to the end of the web address.  For example if you wanted to link to the last FAQ on this page you would put /#dance at the end of the URL (https://www.universityofgalway.ie/t4training/examples/faqs/#dance).  If you look at this page in t4 you will see the anchor ID for that question is 'dance'. The page will load with the FAQ opened automatically


FAQs demonstrated with the following chat-up lines and their corresponding put-downs.  Please click one of the chat-up lines to see the reply:

Options: Suppress 'Hide Answer' feature or Re-enable 'Hide Answer' feature

Are your legs tired? You've been running through my mind all day.

How did you get to be so beautiful?

I'd go through anything for you.

Didn't we meet in a past life?

Let's skip the awkward beginning and pretend that we have known each other for a while. So, how's your Mum?

It's my birthday and the sight of you is the best gift I've ever had.

Cheer up darling, it may never happen.

Where have you been all my life?

May I have the pleasure of this dance?