Example college page hero image

Example college page hero image

This is a static image that can be used on any ultra-wide page.
The image should be 1600 x 550 px in dimensions, and either 72 or 96 dpi - To find out how to do this, see How to create web ready images.

Once you have an image prepared, it's easy to add it to your page:

  1. Add a 'College Page Hero Image' content type to your page
  2. Give it a name (this text will appear in the maroon box that overlays the image)
  3. Select your web-ready 1600x550px image from your hard disk (the media library is not used by this content type)
  4. Save Changes
  5. If necessary, move this new content type up to the top of the content list. Click on the Arrow Icon under the Order column and drag the content to where you want it to be and then click 'Save Changes'

See how this content type looks in different page types:
With Rightbar, Without Rightbar, Widescreen, and Ultra-Wide (sub-site) / Ultra-Wide (top-level) pages
or else
Normal, Widescreen, and Ultra-Wide (Sub-Site) / Ultra-Wide (Top-Level) Landing pages

Note: You change a page's width (and other options) using its section's DC.Keywords field - see my interactive demonstration for full information.