The 'College Event' content type can be used to add events in T4.
How to configure an Events section

You can add a widget, showing up to 3 upcoming events to your home page.  The 'SEE ALL EVENTS' link expects your events section to be a sub-section of the page containing the widget, so if you followed the recommended instructions for creating an Events section, adding this to your homepage will work perfectly.
If you decide to add this to your homepage's sidebar, then your events section will need to be a sub-section of 'Sidebar'.

Upcoming Events

See All Events

Available colour schemes: white (default), Blackboard, Greenboard, Mint, Orange

Enabling this widget on your homepage

  1. Expand University of Galway » T4 Training » Training » Training Examples
  2. Click on the Actions button for 'Events Widget' and choose 'Edit section.
  3. Click on the Actions button for 'Upcoming Events' and choose 'Duplicate'
  4. The Duplicate content popup appears showing the site structure - click on your homepage (be careful not to click on any other section's name).
  5. You're brought back to the Event Widget section in Training examples.
    Click Cancel to go back to the site structure and modify your homepage.
  6. Go to the 'Content' Tab and Edit the content type called 'Upcoming Events'. It's status is 'Pending'.
  7. Optionally, you can uncomment one of the lines of code to change the colour/appearance of the widget.
  8. When finished update your page by clicking on 'Save Changes'

Other widgets

You can alternatively have News, Events, and Features widgets appearing on your homeage.