Image Gallery

Image galleries can be created by:

  1. Add an 'Image gallery: Carousel Holder' content type to your section
  2. Create a sub-section to this section and call it 'Images'
  3. Add as many 'Image gallery: Carousel Images' content types to the 'Images' sub-section as you like.
    Note: Gallery Images are typically around 1200 x 800 px as they are going to pop up on the screen (they can be 1600px wide [max] or else 830px high [max]).
    For instructions on how to create web-ready versions of images (that are the correct dimensions), see How to resize your image and make it web ready.

Please Note: This content type doesn't preview perfectly in site manager.  You'll see the gallery but if you click on an image icon, the pop-up will contain garbage.  This is a limitation of t4's preview feature - it'll work fine when published.  E.g. 

  • The first sample image
  • The second sample image
  • The third sample image
  • The Fourth sample image