Linking to staff IRIS Profiles

You can link to a researcher's IRIS profile in NUI Galway's Researchers Section by doing the following:

Add a 'Staff Contact Card' content type to your page.

  • Give it a name (e.g. the staff member's name)
  • Supply the part of their IRIS profile's web address that appears AFTER
    e.g.  '/law/shanedarcy' (picked because it was the shortest profile name I could see)

The following information will be pulled in to your page automatically from the person's published IRIS profiles. 

  • picture
  • name
  • qualifications
  • title and part of the last address entered into their IRIS profile
  • and a link to their full IRIS profile

Note: You cannot preview this content type in Site Manager - you'll only see them once the page has published.


If you cannot see the below examples (chosen because they have differing lengths of content entered into their profiles), you are most likely in Preview mode in t4.  To see the published page click on this link:

If someone clicks on a person's profile they will be brought to the NUI Galway Researchers Section of the website.

Prof Alan Ryder
BSc., PhD
Principal Investigator
Nanoscale Biophotonics Laboratory,
School of Natural Sciences,
University of Galway,
Galway, H91CF50, Ireland.
View Profile
Dr Stanislava Antonijevic-Elliott
B.S., M.S., Ph.D
View Profile

Adding staff content cards to courses

Staff content cards can be added to undergrad / taught research / adult learning courses by:

  • Creating a sub-section that does NOT show in navigation.
  • Adding as many 'staff contact card' content types as you need to this section.

The contact cards will appear in the 'Who teaches this course' accordion, on the course overview page, underneath any content that may have been entered into the 'Who teaches this course' field.